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Daynatural news / Feb. 2, 2023

Day Natural was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Enterprise

On January 28, 2023, Weinan High-tech Zone held a work meeting for 2023 to convey and study the spirit of the provincial two sessions, summarize the work in 2022, commend the outstanding company and contributing enterprises in the assessment of goals in 2022. At the commendation meeting, the list of winners of the Outstanding Contribution Enterprise Award for Scientific and Technological Innovation in 2022 was released. Day Natural won the Outstanding Contribution Enterprise for Scientific and Technological Innovation, congratulations!


In 2022, our company has continuously innovated in R&D, production and technology, which has been widely recognized by the whole industry. As the first completed enterprise, we won the first prize of the Shaanxi Science and Technology Progress Award (innovative research and development and application of functional molecular materials). This award demonstrates Day Natural's technical level and scientific research innovation ability. In the development and application of new technologies, our products have achieved revolutionary breakthroughs, leading the development of the industry. Products such as arbutin, lutein and deoxycholic acid have formed world-leading product groups.

In the new year, Day Natural will continue to make forward-looking layouts in biomedical, biomimetic synthesis technology, enzyme catalysis synthesis technology, new methods for discovering new drug molecules, etc., promote the research and development of core technologies, improve the quality of scientific research achievements, and create value for society!

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