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Day Natural is a technology-based enterprise in the field of bio-pharmaceuticals. Established in 2009, the main business is plant-based food pigments and functional compounds. In the process of development, it has established a long-term and stable scientific and technological cooperation relationship with Tsinghua University, Northwest University and other universities.It also established an engineering technology research center for characteristic process research, integrating industry, university and research, promoting the innovative biotechnology in food and Pharmaceutical industry.

Among the shareholders of the company, there are multiple Ph.D. graduates from Tsinghua University, and the research team is constantly expanding. Dr. Zhang Tian and Dr. Hua Xiufu have been awarded as provincial and municipal talents; Dr. Wei Renbo was selected for the provincial high-level talent youth program in 2021 and recommended as an innovative talent by the Ministry of Industry and Information. Dr. She Mengyao was named a provincial science and technology star in 2021. The scientist team has successively received honors from the Innovation Team of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the Qin Chuangyuan Scientist+Engineer Team. We sincerely expect to transform the basic research achievements we have mastered into productivity through technological industrialization. Since the establishment of the company, we have continuously increased investment in basic research and development equipment, and made breakthroughs in new technologies and products.

In the process of development, the company has achieved excellent scientific research results. In 2017, it won the first prize in the innovation competition for bio-pharmaceuticals (Shaanxi Region Growth Group) organized by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as the National Competition Excellence Award. In 2021, Professor Li Jianli presided over a project titled "Glycosylation Technology and Application", which won the special prize of Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award. In 2022, our "Functional Molecular Preparation Technology" won the first prize of the Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.

The development and application of new technologies have made a revolutionary breakthrough in our products.Like Arbutin, Lutein, Deoxyaursolic acid and other products have formed a new biotechnology product group.

Under the guidance of "relying on traditional herbal medicine to maintain integrity and innovate", we continue to research and develop in the fields of plant-based drugs, plant-based functional foods, health foods, and functional cosmetics and making rapid progress.The current research and development work focuses on the biochemistry of enzyme catalysis technology, aiming to develop environmentally friendly, low pollution, simple operation, and high conversion rate catalytic reaction system agents and application systems. By combining biochemistry with modern pharmaceutical technology to establish core competitiveness based on the preparation of active ingredients and raw materials.

factory of DayNatrual

We have prepared stable and suitable enzymes for various organic solvents through the preparation, screening, optimization, and steady-state technology of biological enzymes, making this technology widely applicable in the field of bio-pharmaceuticals. It also suitable for the conversion and synthesis of various products, achieving environmental protection ,economic requirements,also with the improvement in product quality.

We also invest 350 million RMB to build the factory of Ursodeoxycholic acid and Danshensu Isopropyl Ester which covers 100 acres, it has been supported by chain projects of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. It is expected to be built into a modern bio-pharmaceutical factory integrating biotechnology, automation, and intelligence by 2023.

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