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Daynatural news / Feb. 17, 2023

Dr. Zhang Tian of Day Natural was awarded the title of Weinan's Most Beautiful Worker.


May 30, 2022 is the 6th National Science and Technology Workers' Day. The theme is "Innovation is the priority; self-reliance and self-improvement". To carry forward the spirit of scientists, establish and publicize a group of outstanding science and technology workers who have been rooted in Weinan for a long time, further inspire the enthusiasm of the majority of science and technology workers to innovate and take the lead, and provide strong scientific and technological support for writing a new chapter of high-quality development in Weinan. The Organization Department of Weinan Municipal Party Committee, the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and the Municipal Association for Science and Technology jointly carried out the "Most Beautiful Science and Technology Workers" Learning and Publicity Activity in Weinan. Dr. Zhang Tian, Chairman of Day Natural, was awarded the title of the Most Beautiful Worker in Weinan.


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