Lutein ester
CAS No.: 547-17-1
Chemical formula: C72H116O4
Appearance: Reddish-brown fine powde
Source: Marigold flower
Specification: Lutein ester powder: HPLC / UV 5% -60%
Lutein ester CWS powder: HPLC 5%

Product Introduction

Lutein ester is a carotenoid fatty acid ester, the chemical name is lutein dipalmitate, soluble in organic solvents, widely exist in corn, cabbage, marigold and other plants, among which the most abundant in marigold.


Product characteristics

  1. Safe and non-toxic. Lutein esters are derived from natural plants and belong to new food ingredients with high safety.
  2. High heat stability. Lutein esters have strong color retention during heating and are not easily discolored. They are very suitable for use in foods requiring heat processing, such as pastries, candies and meat products.
  3. Color stable and coloring effective. Lutein esters can produce bright and lasting yellow tones, suitable for coloring various foods and beverages, such as carbonated drinks, dairy products, pastries, etc. The coloring effect does not change with time, temperature, light and other factors.
  4. Do not change the physicochemical properties. Appropriate addition of Lutein esters only affects the color of the food and does not change the taste, aroma, pH value and other physicochemical indicators of the food. It has no adverse effect on food quality.
  5. Environmentally friendly declaration. As a natural colorant, Lutein esters meet the concepts of greenness and sustainable development. They satisfy the consumer's pursuit of natural foods and rejection of artificial food additives, and are easy to approve and export in various countries.

Lutein ester products have been tested by authoritative institutions such as SGS, Mérieux Nutrisciences and fully meet the food grade standards in Europe, America and other regions. We have a highly automated production line and advanced quality control system. The product quality is stable and trusted by domestic and foreign customers. At present, it has passed Halal, Kosher and other certifications, and has been exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

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