Nervonic acid (Cis-15-tetracosenoic acid)

Functional Food Ingredients

Nervonic acid (Cis-15-tetracosenoic acid)

Product basic information and specifications:

Nervonic acid

Alias: Cis-15-tetracosenoic acid, shark oil acid

CAS: 506-37-6

Chemical formula: C24H46O2

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Source: Acer truncatum seed oil

Specifications: GC5% 90%

Physicochemical properties: ω-9 type long-chain monounsaturated fatty acid; soluble in alcohol but insoluble in water; melting point 42°C.

Recommended intake: ≤300 mg/day (Food Safety Law No. 7, 2017)

Note: Not suitable for infants and young children. The label and instructions should indicate unsuitable population.


Product Introduction:

  1. Nervonic acid is recognized by scientists worldwide as a magical substance with dual effects that can repair and unblock damaged brain nerve fibers (nerve fibers) and promote nerve cell regeneration.
  2. Nervonic acid, chemically known as cis-15-docosapentaenoic acid, is a ω-9 long chain monounsaturated fatty acid naturally found in rapeseed oil and peanut oil. Nervonic acid is an essential nutrient for brain development in humans, which helps to improve the activity of nerve cells and slow down aging. Nervonic acid is an essential nutrient for the growth, redevelopment and functional maintenance of nerve cells, especially brain cells, optic nerve cells and peripheral nerve cells. It is a nutritional ingredient essential for the development of fetal and infant brain and visual functions. It also has significant effects on improving nerve activity and preventing nerve aging. The human body itself has difficulty synthesizing nervonic acid and must rely on external intake to supplement it.

Application areas of nervonic acid:

  1. Skin care products: Mainly through the deep cleansing of nervonic acid, moisturizing and hydrating, easily removing light makeup, refreshing and not greasy.
  2. Nutritional dietary supplements: The core ingredient nervonic acid gel candy in the market is a new resource food ingredient. This ingredient helps improve memory and has the effect of preventing brain disease.
  3. Pharmaceuticals: The so-called eye acid, eye swelling, and visual fatigue are actually the body's reactions after the nerves are over fatigued. Therefore, as an essential core substance for nerve development, nervonic acid is an important component of nerve cell membranes. It can restore and promote the formation of new optic nerve networks, enhance the activity of nerve cells, and promote nerve cell regeneration. Therefore, it has significant effects in improving vision, slowing down eye aging, etc. Regular intake has the effects of brain health, intelligence, protecting vision, slowing down aging, and preventing eye diseases.

The Natural Science Research Institute, Biomolecular Science Laboratory of the University of Stirling, UK, three scholars (Sargent JR, Coupland K, Wilson R) studied that long-term lack of nervonic acid can induce genetic diseases. Supplementing nervonic acid can improve blood microcirculation and have obvious effects on blood lipids, blood pressure, and blood sugar in capillaries of the eyes.

4.Health products: Nervonic acid plays an important role in senile dementia, brain nutrition, etc.

The main advantages of DAYNATURAL products:

  1. Belong to new resource foods, better applied in food and health products.
  2. The company strictly controls the production from the entry of raw materials to the final products in accordance with GMP requirements to ensure product quality.
  3. The company has advanced imported testing equipment to trace and test each link from raw materials to production.
  4. Professional technical team to strictly control quality and quality.
  5. The product pesticide residues and solvent residues meet export standards with high purity.

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