Spirulina Extract Spirulina Powder

Functional Food Ingredients

Spirulina Extract Spirulina Powder

Product Basic Information and Specifications:

Spirulina Powder

Appearance: Dark green fine powder

Source: Spirulina

Specification: Protein ≥55%

Product Introduction:

Spirulina powder is powder made from spirulina by grinding. It is more easily absorbed than spirulina. In 2004, the Ministry of Health listed Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maxima as ordinary food raw materials. Today, spirulina has been widely used in animal feed, ordinary food, health food, medicine and cosmetics and other industries.


The main characteristics of spirulina powder:

  1. Nutrition. Spirulina powder is rich in nutrients such as protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The protein content is as high as 60-70%, and the amino acid composition is also relatively complete.
  2. High bioavailability. The cell wall of spirulina is composed of soft polysaccharides and the cell wall is thin, which is conducive to the release and absorption of nutrients. The nutrients in spirulina have a high bioavailability and are easily absorbed and digested by the human body.
  3. Green and environmentally friendly. Spirulina powder comes from microorganisms in nature—spirulina, which is a renewable resource. The production process does not produce pollution. It is a green and environmentally friendly functional food raw material that can be sustainably supplied.
  4. Easy to add in food. Spirulina powder is fine and uniform, with stable pigments, and is very easy to add to various foods such as bread, biscuits, yogurt, etc. to increase nutrition and function and improve product added value. 5. Low cost. Spirulina can be produced on a large scale using artificial cultivation methods at a low cost of production. It does not rely on other high-value nutritional raw materials, and the product has high practical value. Main

Application areas: Animal feed, ordinary food, health food, medicine and cosmetics and other fields.

The main advantages of DAYNATURAL products:

  1. It belongs to ordinary food raw materials and can be better applied in food.
  2. The products have been tested by authoritative institutions such as SGS and Mérieux NutriSciences and fully meet the food grade standards in Europe, the United States and other regions. The professional technical team strictly controls the quality and quality.
  3. The product quality is stable and trusted by domestic and foreign customers.
  4. It has passed HALLA Kosher certification and exported to dozens of countries and regions in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

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