Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract Astaxanthin CWS

Mirocapsule Powder Of Food Color


Astaxanthin CWS


Molecular Formula: C40H56O2

Appearance:Red or dark red powder fine powder

Origin:Haematococcus Pluvialis

Specification:HPLC 2% 2.5%


Astaxanthin CWS is a new type of Astaxanthin dietary supplement, full name Cold Water Soluble Astaxanthin. It uses professional microencapsulation technology to coat Astaxanthin molecules with hydrophilic substances, making them uniformly disperse in water at room temperature. This solves the problems that Astaxanthinis insoluble in water, low bioavailability, poor stability, and the inherent unpleasant odor.



Dissolve in room temperature water. Astaxanthin CWS can be directly dissolved in water and aqueous beverages beverages at room temperature, which is very convenient for consumption and addition.

  1. High bioavailability. Astaxanthin CWS can remain dissolved in aquatic environments and aqueous environments of the digestive system, so it is more easily absorbed by the small intestine. Its bioavailability is higher than that of ordinary Astaxanthin. Some studies show that its bioavailability can reach 2-3 times that of Astaxanthin oil.

3.High safety. Astaxanthin CWS only uses physical technology to coat Astaxanthin molecules with food-grade wall materials, without any chemical modification or introduction of synthetic compounds, so it is more natural and safe.

4.Easy to store. Compared with general Astaxanthin, Astaxanthin CWS has higher stability. Under general conditions avoiding light at room temperature, it can be stored for 1-2 years.

Application: It can be used solid beverage, gummy candies, premixes, infant formula milk powder, etc.

Advantages of DAYNATURAL products:

1.Rapid dispersion in cold water without precipitation or oil floating.

NOTE:Test method: 2g samples were dissolved in 150ml water at 15-20℃.

  1. High bioavailability----Good retention in gastrointestinal fluid.
  2. Natural safety ---- natural formula ingredients, strict control of trace contaminants such as benzopyrene, heavy metals, solvent residues, pesticide residues, etc.

Formula:Astaxanthin, starch sugar, plant gum, antioxidants.

  1. Good stability ----It effectively improves the easy oxidation characteristics of Astaxanthin and ensures stable content within the shelf life.

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