Marigold Extract Zeaxanthin Beadlets

Mirocapsule Powder Of Food Color


Zeaxanthin Beadlets

CAS: 144-68-3

Molecular Formula: C40H56O2

Appearance:Orange-yellow to orange-red free-flowing spherical granules

Origin:Marigold Flower

Specification:HPLC 5%


Zeaxanthin beadlets are a new type of natural Zeaxanthin food supplement. Utilizing microencapsulation technology, Zeaxanthin is encapsulated in sugar protein or liposome microcapsules to form free-flowing double-shelled spherical granules. It solves problems such as low bioavailability of Zeaxanthin, poor stability, and the inherent unpleasant odor of Zeaxanthin.



  1. Improving the stability of Zeaxanthin. Encapsulated Zeaxanthin can effectively avoid the effects of oxidation and heat, greatly improve its chemical stability and storage stability.
  2. Improving bioavailability. Microcapsules can protect Zeaxanthin from environmental influences in the digestive system and release Zeaxanthin at the appropriate location, thereby improving its absorption and bioavailability in the body. Some studies have shown that the bioavailability of Zeaxanthin microcapsule powder can reach 3-5 times that of Zeaxanthin oil.
  3. Convenient transportation and storage. The microcapsule granule form is relatively stable, easy to store for a long time and transport, and can generally be stored for 2-3 years.

Application: It can be used in tablets, hard capsule and gummy candies etc.

Advantages of DAYNATURAL products:

  1. Excellent mechanical properties----double encapsulation, uniform particle size, no dust; no degassing process, high density products.
  2. High bioavailability - good retention rate of gastrointestinal fluid.
  3. Natural safety ---- natural formula ingredients, no fishing gelatin, strict control of trace contaminants such as benzopyrene, heavy metals, solvent residues, pesticide residues, etc.
  4. Excellent stability-----effectively improves the easy oxidation characteristics of Zeaxanthin and ensures the stability of the content within the shelf life and the stability during application.

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