New food Ingredients

CAS No.: 144-68-3
Chemical formula: C40H56O2
Appearance: Orange yellow to orange red powder
Source: Marigold flower
Specification: Zeaxanthin powder: HPLC 5% -60%

Product Introduction

Zeaxanthin (3,3'-dihydroxy-β-carotene) is also known as Zeaxanthin. Its molecular formula is C40H56O2 and molecular weight is 568.85. It belongs to isoprenoids and is an oxygenated carotenoid (xanthophyll).

Zeaxanthin is an isomer of lutein. Zeaxanthin is a new type of oil-soluble natural pigment that is widely present in green leafy vegetables, flowers, fruits, wolfberries and yellow corn. In nature, it often coexists with lutein, β-carotene, cryptoxanthin and other carotenoids to form a mixture of carotenoids.

The main characteristics of Zeaxanthin:

In the food industry, Zeaxanthin as a natural food pigment is gradually replacing synthetic pigments such as Sunset Yellow and Tartrazine. Foods developed with

Zeaxanthin as the main functional ingredient will have broad market prospects.

Main application areas: gummies, premixes, infant formula, capsules, tablets, etc.


The main advantage of Day Natural

  1. Our Zeaxanthin products have bright colors, high activity and long-lasting colors. They can completely replace artificial synthetic pigments and are widely used in food, beverages, health care products and cosmetics coloring.
  2. Through scientific cultivation and strict control, we can produce Zeaxanthin products that meet the standards and requirements of different countries and regions. We have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with upstream planting bases. From chrysanthemum selection, cultivation to harvest, everything is under strict control to obtain high-quality raw material petals.
  3. Zeaxanthin products have been tested by authoritative institutions such as SGS and Merieux NutriSciences, fully meeting the food grade standards in Europe, America and other regions. We have a highly automated production line and strict quality control system. Our products have stable quality and are trusted by domestic and foreign customers. We have passed Halal, Kosher and other certifications, and exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

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